Discussin’ the Weather

imageHow about some anecdotal evidence? When I am out witnessing (opens new window) my lips are so numb from the cold that I find trouble speaking. Last Thursday, after opening the shower window to let out some of the moisture, the steam that had condensed and formed into droplets on the window froze before it had an opportunity to drop onto the ground! When the wind is cutting through you like a knife, would you find it easy to think about anything else? 😉 On a more positive note, Miho, our friend Mariko and myself went to a Danish bakery today called Copenhagen Bakery (opens new window) and were greeted with a taste sensation. I had a Steak & Cheese pie and a Mixed Berry pie and Miho and Mariko had a Panini each. If you’re a local and haven’t been yet, I’d highly recommend it.