# About Me

I’m Tim Knapp and I spend my days teaching people the Bible (opens new window). I also enjoy programming so this blog is mainly a resource to share my technical insights and programming experiments. Enjoy.

# Contact Details

  • Email: duffyd at kokorice dot org

# By the way, what is this stuff all about kokorice / Koko Araisa?

Well my mum is Samoan and a popular sweet dish (opens new window) in Samoa is natural roasted cocoa mixed with rice, milk, and hot water and boiled. Sounds yuk but it is actually really nice (unfortunately Miho didn’t think so). So to stay true to my island heritage I decided to call this site after this Samoan dish and hopefully contribute towards some form of an impression about who I am 😃

This is a piccy of what the Cocoa Samoa looks like before it’s made into Koko Araisa.Koko Araisa picture