Gourmet Foods + Wines + Yuppies =

We had a nice time at the Canterbury Wine and Food Festival (opens new window) yesterday. It will be the one and only time I go, though, because it wasn’t cheap. I naively thought that the ticket price (opens new window) would include some complimentary wine/food but that was a negatory. The festival currency was ‘crowns’ which equated to $1.10 a crown, and most items averaged about 4 crowns (or $4.40). Even small items like a donut or a belgium waffle were this price! The only real consolation was that I found 6 crowns lying on the ground in one of the toilets 😉 The entertainment (opens new window) was great, though, with some really talented musicians/vocalists. Based on the kind of clientele that was there, I think the event is aimed towards those who are a little more monetarily endowed. If you’ve got a bit of dosh to splash around, might be your kind’ve scene.