PyPy.js: What? How? Why? - Ryan Kelly


Mozilla - protecting & promoting the web.

The Web? Technology + Culture (open - don’t need to submit to ‘web pool’, ubiquitous, secure, trustworthy)

“For Mozilla, anything that the Web can’t do, or anything that the Web is not faster and better at than native technologies, is a bug. We should file it in our Bugzilla system, so we can start writing a patch to fix it” - Andreas Gal (Mozilla CEO)

var vm = new PyPyJS()
import js

An experiment in building a fast, compliant, in-browser Python environment.

PyPy.js is … Not so Fast. Incompatibilities between the JIT compilers.

Is … Humongous.

How? PyPy + Emscripten.

Emscripten: an LLVM backend that generates JavaScript.

“It’s awful all the way down”

Alts: (opens new window)

“Please, file bugs against the Web” (opens new window) (opens new window)