Multimedia programming using Gstreamer (and, of course, Python) - Douglas Bagnall

Pipelines consist of linked elements.


  • Link
  • Source
  • Sink (file, net, screen, etc)
  • Demux, tee
$ gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=video.ogv ! oggdemux ! theoradec ! autovideosink

playbin - just play file = mplayer

Probably about 100 media players in world that are based on gstreamer

Muxer: combining 2 streams into 1 file.

Really good example - video wall.

Decode bin -> split into 4 streams (tee) -> queues (often freezes as all running in 1 thread and bump into eachother) -> crop (I.e. Remove 3/4s of video). And also play audio.

Can just use gstreamer cli syntax when calling gi calls in Python.

github: douglasbagnall (opens new window)