Lightning Talks

LCA: 12-16 January 2015

Program online in next year or 2.

Singapore also put in proposal for future LCA.

6-700 attendees hoped.

Grabbed 30TBs of internet.

2 days of catering, hacking.

If you’d like to do it again tweet #WeWantJam

import argparse

Command line (opens new window)

Command line programs for busy developers.

rbenv - isolate different

pyenv shell 3.4.1

pyenv virtualenv name

pyenv local dirname

Debugging schema for the database.

Can configure at runtime.

5.5 or 6 dbs.

Very pythonic. Stolen lots of good ideas from Python.

Compiled just in time. Timing a file that does nothing it takes 2.25s.

International Python Promotion Pamphlet. Glossy & stylised.

Creating NZ-version. Will have high-quality printable version and web-version.

Make your company more visible to Python programmers rather than pay recruitment agents. (opens new window) (opens new window)


When you subscribe to the mailing list (607 members on mailing list) you aren’t a member of the incorporated society.

Jessica McKellar’s Kiwi PyCon73,000 views. Far more than Guido McV’s keynote at PyCon US.

Thomi is commandeering LT and announcing my leaving committee and asking if someone can join NZPUG committee. See committee members if would like to join.

Will do to IT industry what container box did to shipping industry.

LXC (Linux Lightweight Containers) + UnionFS.

Docker file is essentially like a bash script file of commands.

You can inherit from other docker files.

Fig - Vagrant for Docker.

Ship deltas not images.

Shipyard - 3rd party ecosystem.


  • Use docker-osx, PyCharm

Sole object is to create objects for testing purposes.

Don’t care about what object is. Just assign random attributes to objects.

Weird bugs: object() > object()

If doing tests against time it will fail at midnight depending on your timezone.

False = True

Arduino sketch, Python script, Git (opens new window)

Massey Computer Science moved to Python in 2011.

Emacs: an operating system disguised as an editor. (opens new window)

Org-babel - generate code.

Org-slidy (opens new window)

  1. Template Databases - clone dbs
  2. Estimated Counts
  3. Hstore - values have to be strings
  4. Smart Indexes
  5. Schema Change Locks
  6. PL/Python

Use Vagrant+Ansible

Scripted creation of AMI and deployment.

Better: list comprehension

Better: raise AssertionError

Better: if pattern in input_str

Don’t pass empty list as default are.

if 5 <= i < 10: print “something”

Better: return NotImplementedError

Script to create ArcMap maps.

Pulled data from census + meshblock boundaries ( + map box (tile mill) + GDAL.

Should have used Fiona + Shapely.