Deploying a Django application using Juju - Tim Penhey

Or “How I used Juju to deploy my Django app up to AWS”

Used backbone.js (opens new window)

Juju is written in Go. Service orchestration in the cloud.

  • Encapsulate application configurations

  • Define how services get deployed

  • PostgreSQL

  • Python-Django

  • Gunicorn

Juju can help with scaling later.

Simple repeatable deployments.

Writing a subordinate charm.

Hooks are just scripts. Used Install hooks and Everything else hooks.

Promoted charms are only ones that are officially available.

“As a Juju core developer it was interesting that if I didn’t know the value that Juju would give me later, I would’ve thrown it out ages ago.”

Insufficient documentation around using the Python-Django charm, had to read the code.

Insufficient documentation around how to write a payload charm for Python-Django, very much work it out as you go.

Python-Django and gunicorn still needs nginx to be really useful.

Should have a full stack Django charm.

juju bootstrap|deploy|add-relation|deploy|expose