1st Keynote: Python Beyond ©Python: Adventures in Software Distribution - Nick Coglan

Following will be a brain dump of things I noted of personal value in the Kiwi PyCon 2014 talks I attended.

pypa = Python Packaging Authority = packaging.python.org (opens new window): need help! Gives us the tools we need to install stuff. “If you don’t have an opinion of your own yet, do it this way”.

Goal: convert Pypi (45,000 odd packages) to any format user requires.

numfocus.org (opens new window): Non-profit specifically for open source data analysis.

‘PiAcademy’: teach the programming teachers.

US: Python overtaken Java as top teaching language.

Openstack: Open source framework for managing IT infrastructure. Written in Python!

Python Tools for Visual Studio: “One of the best Python IDEs on the planet”.

Pythonanywhere (opens new window).

Red Hat: Everything we sell has to be available as an open source product. Because freely available, working product. Community: best engineering department in the world. Always more smart people who don’t work for you.

Pip available by default with Python 3.4, 2.7.9.

Main tools: pypi, pip, setuptools, wheel.

Pep440: accepted standard for versioning.

Existing virtualenv/pip issues: updating the Python runtime, external dependencies in other languages.

Answer: conda. Not Python-specific and platform-independent.

Software collections (opens new window): virtualenv for OS-independent software versions. Currently RPM-specific.

Docker containers: don’t need to know what is going on inside.