Plains FM Interview regarding Kiwi PyCon 2010

Edit: the podcast for the radio interview is available here (opens new window)

Interviewee: Tim Knapp, Organising Committee Member Interviewer: Edward Swift, Plains FM

# What is Kiwi PyCon?

To promote the use of the programming language Python in New Zealand the NZ Python User Group (NZPUG) is holding the second Kiwi PyCon conference at the Copthorne Hotel & Resort in Waitangi, Bay of Islands on November 20th and 21st.

# What is Python?

Its an open source programming language that is very simple and flexible to use. In New Zealand, Weta Digital use it to produce the special effects and animation in movies such as the Lord of the Rings. In fact, Matt Provost from Weta Digital will present at the event regarding how they use Python in their datacentre.

# What’s going to be on the conference programme?

The event will include talks highlighting how Python has been used in the scientific, web, mobile, gaming, and animation fields.

The main keynote speaker at Kiwi PyCon is Jacob Kaplan-Moss, the creator of Django, a successful and widely used web application framework. Interestingly, Django is the software that drives the Plains FM website.

On the Friday evening prior to the event there will also be a CodeWars event, where 8 teams of 2-4 people will compete in a programming competition consisting of 3 rounds.

The conference has also attracted a lot of interest from many universities throughout the country and staff and students from Auckland, Massey, Canterbury, and Otago universities will be attending as the event will not only be educational but is an excellent opportunity to meet-and-greet with potential employers.

# How can people find out more about the event?

Head over to (opens new window). We’re expecting 150+ delegates from across New Zealand and Australia. We’ve had 58 registrations thus far and the event is in 3 weeks so get in quick so you don’t miss out.

We’ve also organised a $20 bus to/from the event departing from Auckland so getting to the event is really easy.

The event has also only been possible due to the generous support of our sponsors: Catalyst IT and Microsoft. As well as Atlassian, Enthought, the Plone Foundation, the Python Software Foundation, and Tait Electronics.

Again, the website to find out more about Kiwi PyCon is (opens new window).