Rehashed Koko Araisa

I’ve been working on migrating my blog from SimpleBlog to Quills (opens new window) for a little while now, and finally completed my migration script (opens new window) tonight! The steps I followed to achieve this are as follows:

  1. Created a python script in my zopeinstance/Extensions folder (N.B. The script will create a new Quills instance in the root of your Plone site with an id of ‘blog’. To change these defaults edit the quillsBlog variable in the script).

  2. Created an External Method in the root of my Plone site with the following details Id: migrateSimple2Quills Module Name: migrateSimple2Quills Function Name: migrateBlog

  3. After saving the External Method I went into it and clicked on the 'Test’ tab at the top. This will migrate your SimpleBlog entries over.

  4. Now go into the Drafts folder of your Quills blog (you need to be in the folder_contents view) and select all the blog entries and click the 'Change State’ button. Then click Publish (N.B. You might also need to publish your Quills blog).

  5. All done!