IE6 Disappearing Text Bug

Just stumbled across the weirdest bug in Internet Explorer 6 (opens new window). I was replacing a table-based layout with divs (opens new window) and the customer came back to me and said that they couldn’t see any of the link titles anymore. In Firefox (opens new window) it was fine (what do you expect 😉 and in Internet Explorer 5.5 it was fine too. But when I opened up the site in Internet Explorer 6 some of the link titles were invisible. I could put my mouse pointer over them and click on them, so they were there, they just weren’t visible. If I tried to select them with the mouse they would come visible but if I deselected them they would disappear again. Weird!? Finally after googling (opens new window) around I found this link which helped resolve my problem: (opens new window). Especially the recommendation to have a style=“position: relative” on a higher level containing div. Don’t you love google and the net 😉